How it Works

TERMS & CONDITIONS: KVU Prep and Kidville University (KVU) have separate billing plans. Enrollment is for a minimum of three consecutive months and continuous until written notice is given prior to your next payment. Upon purchasing a class it is understood and agreed that Kidville Mt. Kisco will collect future payments by debiting the credit card provided. It is further agreed that Kidville Mt. Kisco has permission to make future monthly debits until notified in writing otherwise. The member agrees to keep their account up-to-date with a valid credit card. If additional costs are incurred by Kidville Mt. Kisco to collect payments referenced, those costs plus a $45 service charge will be applied. Your payment reserves a class for your child(ren) regardless of attendance. Classes and Playspaces have no cash value and your account may be placed on a hold after a three month enrollment for a Single, Double, or an Unlimited Memberships only. There are no refunds for camp, KVU, or Annual Membership.