Kidville Brick Builders

Ages: 4, 5 & 6 years, drop-off

Calling all budding builders! Young engineers learn how to construct their own Lego models while learning the science and mechanics behind it. This interactive class allows children to use their creativity skills along with their small and large motor skills to build their favorite structures. (50 minutes)

Kidville Theater Games

Ages: 4& 5 years

Unleash your creativity! This class will encourage your child's imagination through expressive and interactive theater games, creative imagery and stories. Get silly and have tons of fun, while improving listening skills and building self-esteem. There is no right or wrong here, just participating makes everyone a winner! (50 minutes)

Mess Lab™

Ages: 2.6-3.0 years, 3 years

A creative mind is a problem-solving mind! Young investigators will explore how things work and what happens when art, science, and engineering meet at the intersection of messy and magical. Hands-on opportunities with paint and putty, magnifiers and magnets, blocks and builders, and everything in between help us learn about the world around us and all its mysteries! (45 minutes)

Run, Wiggle, Paint & Giggle®

Ages: 18 -24 months, 2 years

So many ways to play! Kidville’s signature pre-nursery program engages eager toddlers through stories, ball play, manipulative toys, block building, art exploration and sensory play, and the finale: wiggling with one of Kidville’s own rockin’ musicians! As they make their way through centers in this predictable, structured routine, children gain confidence about transitions and knowing what happens next, all while having fun and making friends. (60 minutes)

Savvy Scientists & Awesome Engineers™

Ages: 4 & 5 years

Science is so cool! Kids enjoy real, hands-on investigation and experiments about the science all around them, from air pressure to water flow, from magnets to our solar system. Curiosity leads to industry as we also explore simple machines, tools, building, and how to make things happen! Sometimes our projects and experiments go home, so your kids can teach you a new thing or two! (60 minutes)

Wiggle Giggle Together™

Ages: 6 months - 3 years, with parent/caregiver

Juggling two kids? Come wiggle and giggle with us instead! We’ve combined elements of our signature Wee Wiggle Giggle and Run, Wiggle, Paint & Giggle programs into a range of activities designed for different ages and stages of development– and only one grown-up lap is required! Books, balls, blocks, tons of toys, music, and more! (60 minutes)