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How To Register

Early registration is strongly advised, as classes may fill quickly. All forms must have a signature by parent or guardian prior to attending class.

By Phone:
  • Call your local Kidville, and please have your credit card on hand.

  • Go to

  • Choose your classes from the Schedule tab and proceed to check out.

In Person:
  • Stop by the Front Desk of your local Kidville.


Registration and membership fees are payable in full at the time of registration. A non-refundable annual registration fee is applicable for all Silver members. This fee is waived for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members. Acceptable forms of payment include cash (in person registration only), personal checks (in person registration only), and Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Please make checks payable to Kidville. Please note: there will be a $30 fee for returned checks. When payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation.


Kidville reserves the right to cancel or modify classes and faculty.

Early Registration Discounts

Kidville University and Camp have different early registration periods than other classes. Please inquire.

Multiple Class Discounts

Register before the first day of the semester and receive $50 off each additional class in the same semester. Multiple class discounts do not apply to camp.


All refund requests must be submitted to Kidville in writing either in person, by mail, or by fax, and must be received by the specified refund date.

  • For class orders (not including Kidville University and Camp), full refunds will be issued prior to the first class of each semester. A prorated refund will be issued after the first class of each semester. No refund will be issued after the second class of each semester.

Kidville University (KVU):
  • Full refunds will be issued through March 15. 50% refunds will be issued March 16 - June 15. No refunds will be issued after June 15. The specified dates contained in this paragraph are the March 15, March 16, and June 15 directly prior to the start of your KVU class.

  • For Spring/Summer Camp, full refunds will be issued through February 1. 50% refunds will be issued February 2 - April 1. No refunds will be issued after April 1. The specified dates contained in this paragraph are the February 1, February 2, and April 1 directly prior to the start of your camp session(s). No refunds will be issued for Fall Camp and Winter Camp.

  • No refunds will be given for Membership Upgrades after the second class of the initial semester for which the membership is purchased.

Registration Fee:
  • All refunds will be less the amount of the non-refundable annual registration fee.

Attendance, Make-Ups & Swaps

For all classes (not including Camp) three make-ups are permitted per child per class within a semester. Additional make-ups will be provided for classes not held due to holidays. Make-ups for Camp will be issued for Kidville’s holiday closures only. Make-ups must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and can be accommodated in classes only if make-up spots are available. Make-ups cannot be accommodated in Camp or KVU programs. Scheduled make-up sessions must be cancelled one hour prior to class. Make-ups do not carry over from previous semesters. No refunds will be issued for missed classes.

Members may swap classes or times (if space is available) prior to the fourth class of the semester. Classes may only be swapped within the same semester.


  • With the exception of drop-off classes, children must stay within arm's reach of a parent or caregiver at all times.

  • Please keep sick children at home. We reserve the right to send a child home to get well at our discretion and offer a makeup. Come play when you are at your best.

  • Children enrolled in drop off classes must be escorted to and from classrooms by their parent/caregiver. Please arrange to have your child picked up on time by a person registered with Kidville.

  • If a child has an allergy that requires an epipen, an adult must remain on the premises at all times.

  • It is the responsibility of the primary member-the purchaser of the family membership-to add or remove the names of persons authorized to check into Kidville on their membership list.

  • Please be sure to completely fill out the medical portion of the member information form and additional medical form if applicable, and sign the release in the case of an emergency. Kidville does not have medical staff available and cannot provide emergency or other medical treatment. Kidville may contact external emergency medical care as necessary.

  • Kidville Camps may require an additional medical form to be completed by the child’s doctor.

Contact Infomation

It is the responsibility of the primary member to ensure that Kidville has the most up-to-date contact information on file for correspondence, including mailing address, email address, and phone number. Please inquire at your home facility about Kidville email addresses to add to your “approved sender” list.


Priority waitlist status is given in the following order, according to your membership status in the semester in which the desired class takes place: Diamond members, Platinum members, Gold members, Silver members, non-members. If you would like to change your position on a waitlist, you may choose to upgrade your membership at any time. Waitlists will be notified of openings in classes through the fourth week of the semester. After the fourth week of the semester, please call or check our website for availability. Your name will be removed from a waitlist if you decline an open spot or if you do not respond to Kidville's notification in the time allotted by Kidville's representative.


All classes for newborns - 24 months are with parent or caregiver. All classes for 2 year olds are with parent or caregiver, unless otherwise noted. All classes for 3 year olds are separation optional, unless otherwise noted. Only one adult per child, please. All classes for 4 - 6 year olds are optional drop-off classes, unless otherwise noted. Parents or caregivers may attend the drop-off class with their child.

Class Etiquette

For the enjoyment of all parents, caregivers and children, we ask that you follow our terms of classroom etiquette:

  • Please turn off your cell phones or set them to vibrate. If you need to take a call, please step outside the room.

  • If your child becomes upset during class, please step outside and return when your child feels better.

  • Please keep your voices low and your conversations to a minimum. Anyone disrupting the class may be asked to leave the room.

  • Please remain within arm's reach of your child at all times.

  • If your child needs you during separation classes, please be as discreet as possible.

  • For the comfort of all participants in your class, we have a limit of one adult per child in class. If you would like an additional adult to come, please inquire at the front desk.

Kidville University (KVU)

In order to ensure a successful start and finish to each day, a parent/caregiver is required to be on site at Kidville (not in the classroom) for at least ten minutes after the beginning of class and fifteen minutes prior to class dismissal.

Food & Drink

Members are prohibited from bringing food or drink into classrooms.

Food Allergy Awareness

Kidville is food-allergy aware and committed to providing a safe environment for our members. Therefore, we request that you do not bring peanuts, nuts, or foods containing nut ingredients onto the premises.


Membership will run for one year, beginning on your purchase date, or the first day of the semester in which you have purchased your first class, whichever is later. You must be a member for the entire semester in which the class occurs. Your "home facility" is the location at which you are registered for classes. A Diamond Membership includes all the benefits of a Platinum Membership at your home facility, plus complimentary use of the playspaces at all Kidville locations. Members receive discounts at Kidville Boutiques and Kidville Salons worldwide.


Playspaces are open to active members and guests accompanied by active members. With the exception of Diamond Members, members may use playspaces at their home facility only. Playspace passes are “paperless” and are tracked on members’ accounts. Members’ playspace passes are only valid during their active memberships. All parents and caregivers are responsible for their child's safety and supervision in the playspace and are required to be within arm's reach at all times. Non-compliance with this policy may result in a dismissal for the day and may result in the termination of playspace and/or membership privileges at Kidville. Playspace hours are subject to change and may vary by semester. On occasion, playspaces may be closed for special events and activities. Please call ahead.

Cash Cards

The Kidville Cash Card can be used for purchases at the Kidville Café, Boutique and Salon, or for the purchase of Indoor Playspace Passes. Kidville Cash Cards cannot be used for purchasing classes, membership upgrades, or birthday parties. Cash cards are non-refundable. There is a $5 fee to replace a lost card.

Stroller Policy

Strollers are not permitted beyond check-in, per fire safety regulations. A stroller check has been provided on the main level for your convenience.

Personal Belongings

Kidville is not responsible for any personal belongings.

Sales Tax

Sales tax will be applied to any offerings as specified by government regulations.

Member Agreement

Members agree to allow Kidville to use photos taken of my family for archival and publicity purposes. By registering for programs at Kidville, members agree to follow all policies and procedures of the facility. Non-compliance with Kidville's policies and procedures may result in termination of membership. Kidville has the right to update policies at any time. Please see for current information and any location-specific policies.