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Big Muscle Builders™ (18 Months-2 Years)

Unstoppable toddlers build their muscles, imaginations, and confidence as they climb courses, jump on the Tumbl Trak, enjoy our indoor swings, and lift, carry, and stack giant blocks. Teachers guide busy bodies through new skills with games and gizmos that get children excited about exercise and prepare them for gymnastics and sports.

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Kidville Gymnasts™ (3, 4 & 5 Years)

Our gym is full of challenges for growing muscles and minds! Kid-sized event apparatuses introduce children to beams and bars, rings and springs! We playfully introduce activities to promote strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination through non-competitive games, props, and skill drills. Fitness and fun in one class!

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Heroes in making (3 - 5 years)

Get ready for an adventure of heroic proportions! Each week, our Heroes in Training, or "HIT Squad" will unlock a new themed adventure and develop their super skills and strength through obstacle courses, agility drills, relay races, circuits, and more. Imaginative "warrior" courses are set up in our state of the art gym and our superhero play professionals will guide big kids through structure, skill building, and teamwork challenges. This class is non-stop, action-packed fun for all and perfect for fighting the after school sillies!

Kidville JV Sports

Swing! Shoot! Score! With so many sport choices, why choose just one? Build coordination, core-body strength, and agility with non-competitive exploration of balls, bats, hoops, clubs, racquets and sticks. Our instructors introduce young athletes to the basics through lots of playful drills, games and obstacle courses.