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Big Muscles for Little Babies® (6-12 months)

Babies learn something new about their bodies every day. This program prepares and teaches grown-ups how to support each baby as he or she faces new challenges. We’ll help their little muscles grow with work on inclines, balls, tunnels, and the Tumbl Trak as they make their moves from sitting to standing and crawling to cruising. They’ll also relax with our indoor swings and bubble dances, as their smiles grow as big as their muscles!

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Big Muscle Builders™ (18 Months-2 Years)

Unstoppable toddlers build their muscles, imaginations, and confidence as they climb courses, jump on the Tumbl Trak, enjoy our indoor swings, and lift, carry, and stack giant blocks. Teachers guide busy bodies through new skills with games and gizmos that get children excited about exercise and prepare them for gymnastics and sports.

3 ways to play starting at $495! View membership pricing.

Big Muscle Playtime™ (12-18 Months)

Curious kids navigate challenging obstacle courses, lift and stack giant blocks, jump on the Tumbl Trak, and play on our indoor swings as they develop their coordination and motor skills. There are so many things to explore as they practice their new ways of moving. This fun, exciting and safe environment gives little bodies and minds big ways to grow!

3 ways to play starting at $495! View membership pricing.

Big Muscle Workout™ (3, 4 & 5 Years)

Warm up those muscles and develop fitness habits to last a lifetime! Big kids break a sweat playing games where they’ll learn how to understand structure, figure out strategies, and practice teamwork. Obstacle courses, swing structure challenges, and Tumbl Trak games will build coordination, agility, strength, and balance. With this exciting workout, they’ll run out of energy before they run out of things to do!

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Kidville JV Sports™ (2 & 3 Years)

Swing! Shoot! Score! With so many sport choices, why choose just one? Build coordination, core-body strength, and agility with non-competitive exploration of balls, bats, hoops, clubs, racquets and sticks. Our instructors introduce young athletes to the basics through lots of playful drills, games and obstacle courses.(45 minutes)

3 ways to play starting at $495! View membership pricing.

Hudson Seed - Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy Flow is a yoga centered movement class, whcih offers a playful way to introduce age-appropriate poses to toddlers. Classes encourage curiosity, exploration and social interaction.

Hudson Seed - Kiddie Seed

Kiddie Seed is an interactive kid friendly flow of yoga poses, breathing exercises and activities. Participants are guided through a series of fun yoga movements and games, learning self regulation and concentration.

Hudson Seed - Yoga Adventures

Yoga Adventures are extremely imaginative. Each class creatively introduces age-appropriate poses and activities while integrating core values and lessons. Class incorporates easy explanations of breathing techniques, yoga posts and concentration exercises all while maintaining a fun and playful environment.

Hudson Seed - Childhood Yoga

Childhood Yoga give children the opportunity to learn challenging and creative yoga poses, while maintaining a playful fun class experience. Through games, props and songs, classes encourage kids to build self-confidence, physical strength and concentration. Partner poses, forward bends, backbends, standing poses, twists and basic inversions are explored with a light introduction to alignment.