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Ballet Tea Party™

Ages: 2 years

Wear your tutus and tiaras! This class playfully introduces the basic positions and movements of ballet using music, games, creative imagery, and stories. Then, enjoy a special tea party in your tutu after the dancing is done. At the end of the semester, the dancers will have a special tea and dance session to share with family and friends. (45 minutes)

Hip-Hop Dance Party™

Ages: 4 & 5 years

Break out the jams! High-energy hip-hop will give your child a medium to explore rhythmic expression and fitness to grow a lifetime of love for dance. Using new and “old-school” beats, your child will develop his or her own funky style through steps and routines, which will be showcased in a special end of the semester dance party for family and friends. (45 minutes)

Next Stop, Hip-Hop™

Ages: 3 years

Does your child like to “move it, move it?” Join our hoppin’ room of energetic grooves and rhythms in this class! This dance adventure will introduce your child to hip-hop, R&B, and world music through games and small-step choreography that build balance, strength, and endurance. On the last day of class, there is a special dance party for family and friends to join in the fun. Mr. Deejay, turn the music up! (45 minutes)

Prima Ballerinas™

Ages: 3 years, 4 & 5 years

Pirouette and plié! Prima ballerinas will learn new ballet skills and concepts, and improve their balance, rhythm, and flexibility. Then, they’ll enjoy a special tea party and story after the dancing is done. Throughout the semester, the dancers will choreograph a show to perform for family and friends on the last day of class. (45 minutes)

Toddlers in Tutus™

Ages: 18-24 months

Tiny dancers come and play! Visions of pink tutus twirl around to beautiful music, expanding the love of dance through new ways of moving in space. After dancing is done, little ladies enjoy a tea party to refresh their energy. (45 minutes)

Totally Tap™

Ages: 3 years, 4 & 5 years

Shuffle down to Kidville for this beginner's exploration of steps, sounds, and rhythm! Consisting of exercises, technique and cumulative choreography, this dynamic class will develop your little dancer's balance, coordination, and musicality. Dancers will even have the opportunity to show off their fancy footwork to family and friends on the last day of class! Heel, Toe...Here we go! (Tap shoes recommended) (45 minutes)